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We are the media!

by | May 29, 2018 | Marketing

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting some of the biggest names in the world of content marketing, one of whom I have known virtually for many years but never met in person.

If you were following my Instagram Story you will know that I attended the You Are The Media Conference in Bournemouth on Thursday and what a great day it was.

A chance to hear the latest thinking in content marketing from the likes of Mark Schaefer – without having to trek up to London? I’m in!

Mark Masters (The founder of You Are The Media) started a weekly email back in 2013 and in the 5 years since, has created a real community bound by a shared belief that we can all succeed in growing engaged audiences in the spaces that we own – without having to rely on whims of Google and Facebook.

Looking back on the event. One of the big messages was that we need to stop thinking that you need a huge global audience or that you need to become the next viral YouTube star in order to succeed.

You just need to start and stick with it.

If you are prepared to stand out, create a space for others to succeed and commit to consistently sharing value, you may well find that something spectacular happens.

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