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Turn around where possible

Jun 28, 2018 | Communication, Marketing

If you have Sat Nav in your car then the phrase “Turn around where possible” might be a familiar one.

I used to get it a lot. Occasionally the signposts would say one thing and my sat nav would say another.

Turn around where possible.

You’re going the wrong way…

Except I wasn’t.

According to the sat nav I was underwater, but in reality I was on a bridge.

A bridge that the sat nav didn’t know about.

That is when I stopped trusting my sat nav.

This was the first car that I had with sat nav built in and I discovered after this misdirection that the (now outdated) map data was on a CD that would cost over £300 to replace it.

I now rely on my mobile and Google Maps.

The data is always bang up to date and even shows live traffic information which means that I can (sometimes) avoid the jams and get to my destination on time.

Sometimes the things we rely on can steer us in the wrong direction.

Sometimes the knowledge we rely on is out of date.

While there are some fundamental rules that still apply (gravity, driving on the left in the UK, buttered toast landing butter side down) there are many aspects of life and business that are constantly changing.

Sometimes you have to turn around where possible and other times you have to get a new map.

I have been working with a client this week on developing a new Customer Journey Map for their brand. Looking at the journey their ideal customer takes from first interaction through the sales process and beyond.

Drawing a new map has been enlightening and will lead to a better experience for them, their staff and most importantly their customers.

Don’t wait until you hit a bridge that your business sat nav doesn’t know is there.

Lets have a chat about mapping your brand journey and upgrade the experience. You can use the link below to schedule a call if you want to find out more.

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