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Surfing the content tsunami

Jun 20, 2018 | Communication, Marketing

Last week, I met with Sonja Jefferson of Valuable Content (A content and marketing consultancy based in Bristol). She was one of the keynote speakers at the You Are The Media Conference and I was keen to find out more about her approach to content and brand strategy, so I hopped on a train to Bristol and we sat down for a coffee.

Among other things, we talked about the fact that a lot of people still think that content marketing just equals blogging and that the only way to succeed is to churn out tons and tons of stuff and hope that someone buys something as a result of it.

However, it is well documented that we are suffering from content fatigue.

Like many of my associates, people have unsubscribed from my emails not because they took umbrage at something I had said but simply because they were just getting too many from other people and I just happened to pop up in their inbox

So what can we do?

It is easy to assume that volume is the key because there are some people who just seem to be EVERYWHERE but there are two quite contrasting reasons for that:

1. They are media companies and they have teams of people researching, curating, writing and producing content all the time. Feeding the content machine is their day job.

2. They appear where you are looking because you are listening and looking out for what they have to say.

This is an important distinction to make.

Creating content is (in most cases) a subset of your business not the whole. The average small business owner doesn’t have the time or resources to be churning out a constant stream of quality content 24/7.

What we can do is make the time to create or curate content that is valuable for a clearly defined audience who will tune out of the content tsunami and tune in to what we have to say.

But I don’t know what to say and I can’t write…

I had convinced myself that I was not capable of writing copy because I was comparing myself with top flight professionals with degrees in Journalism and high converting sales letters in their portfolio.

Fortunately I have found that over time it does become easier and if several people (other than your Mum obvs) tell you that you write and speak really well then perhaps that should be a signal that you are doing something right and you should keep it up.

I have learned the hard way that it gets easier.

Like with many things consistent action over time will get results, find your people and get into a habit of sharing valuable content with them consistently.

There are people out there who are interested in what you have to say, not just what you do. Finding them is a different matter,¬†especially if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for.

In my quest to find my people, I have launched a new podcast.

It is called People like us do things like this.

The title was inspired by a Seth Godin quote and each week I share ideas, topics and behaviours that I think people like me would be interested in.

The first episode features an interview I did with Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver Influencer.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think and if there is something that you think people like us would like, why not drop me a line and let me know?

I would love to hear from you.

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