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Perception is everything

by | Jun 5, 2018

How do get people who would normally never be seen dead in your shop to try your product?

You go undercover.

This is just what high street bakery chain Greggs did recently when they presented their new summer menu of healthy salads and wraps at a food festival in London.

By presenting themselves as a hip artisan deli brand Gregory and Gregory they were able to capture spontaneous, immediate and hilariously pretentious reactions to the food.

You can watch the short promo below.

Apart from being a rather amusing exposé of the ridiculous guff people spout when they are trying to appear knowledgeable about something, this publicity stunt demonstrates an important branding lesson.

Perception is everything

Five years Greggs set about repositioning itself as a “food on the go” brand rather than a traditional “take-home” baker. Recognising that they were never going to be able to compete with the supermarket in-store bakeries on that front.

Now, with nearly 2000 outlets across the UK, Greggs has a greater high street presence around the country than McDonalds and Starbucks, shifting 2.5 million sausage rolls and 1 million cups of coffee per week.

However, if people believe that all you sell is unhealthy pastries and cakes you will struggle to get them through your door just by announcing that you do the odd salad too.

It takes a publicity stunt like this to disrupt perceptions.

With the obesity epidemic looming large (unintentional pun) those who are fans, recognise lunch from Greggs is not the healthiest option.

This stunt and viral video are not designed to lure unwitting West London foodies but to have a laugh at their expense and plant the seed that there is more on offer in your local Greggs.

With an average transaction value of less than £3 they know that getting people to come back is where the money lies.

Did you know?

The avocado was first introduced in the UK by Sainsbury’s as recently as 1962. It was originally sold as the “avocado pear” but this caused widespread confusion as people prepared it as a desert so they had to issue printed instructions on how to prepare it.

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