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Eyeballs not earholes

by | May 17, 2018 | Marketing

There are days in our lives that live with us forever:

The day you passed your driving test.

The day you met the love of your life.

The day you got the ability to add subtitles to your native Linkedin videos…

I confess that when I discovered that I was finally able to add subtitles I did a little happy dance.

Ever since I started to find it harder and harder to hear the TV I have become a bit obsessed with subtitles.
It irritates me intensely that my current favourite TV show (Westworld season 2 on NOW TV if you were wondering) is not subtitled and so when scrolling through my social media timelines I am often enjoying the silence and so rarely stop to watch a video unless it has subtitles.

And I am not alone.

In 2016 it was estimated that a staggering 85% of ( facebook ( video views happen with the sound off ( .
So it stands to reason that embracing video in your marketing and not adding subtitles is just a waste.

You might get some eyeballs but you are definitely not getting earholes.

Although I have been a Linkedin member since 2006 I have only really started using it more fully in the last year or so. The platform has lagged behind Facebook in its adoption of video but native video (that is videos uploaded directly not just as embedded links) is now widely available and is given priority by the algorithm.

The great news is that it is insanely simple to add subtitles to your social video and I put together a quick video about it (which I shared on Linkedin straight away!) You can view the video below.

This is ridiculously easy to do!
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