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My name is Neil and I help companies to reshape their visual brand and express their values clearly.


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Think of me as your Creative Problem Solver

You’ve got a problem and it’s going to need some creative thinking to solve it.

This is how I can help…

we Understand

First, we figure out what is most important to your customer and how you are the best person to solve their problems.

you articulate

Then we tease out the best words, images and graphics with which to communicate your story and express your core values authentically.

i create

Finally, we pull it all together with a coherent and consistent visual whole that gives you a credible presence across print, web and social media.

Some thoughts from my blog


Milestones are as important as goals because they are a statement of fact whereas goals are a statement of ambition. Notice the milestones or markers along the way but don’t get obsessed about them at the expense of enjoying the journey.

Fancy a pint?

When deciding what to have drinkers often look for markers and cues to help them make a decision and this could be something as simple as beer tap shaped like a hammer.

Good artists copy; great artists steal

Tonight's match is a pretty significant moment for English football as it will be the first time that England has made it to the Semi-Final of the World Cup since 1990. Even if you aren't particularly bothered about football it has been nigh on impossible not to get...

Turn around where possible

When it comes to the brand experience sometimes you just need a new map to guide you.

Surfing the content tsunami

In a world that is suffering from content fatigue, surely another blog article is not going to help matters?

What do you do?

Do you remember how you responded the last time you were asked the question – What do you do?

Perception is everything

How do you get people who would normally never be seen dead in your shop to try your product? You go undercover…

We are the media!

A chance to hear the latest thinking in content marketing from the likes of Mark Schaefer without having to trek up to London? Count me in…

You’re doing it all wrong

Who likes being told that the course of action you have chosen is wrong. Especially after you have passed the point of no return…

Eyeballs not earholes

When it comes to getting your videos noticed you really need to be using subtitles and it just got a whole load easier…


“Neil’s business experience is broad and deep, so whatever issue comes up he has relevant insight to bring. He has added considerable value to my business.” Andrew Keevil

“Neil is an excellent speaker with insights on how to create your brand and make it work for your business.” Janice B Gordon

“Neil has helped me gain real clarity about what I do, who I do it for and why. As a result I can build a brand around my values.” Stuat Kerslake

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